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Technical Support - Feb 9, 2024
Too Many Issues | By Doug G
Our office has been using this software for years and there are too many issues that have appeared over the years.

The first, in a long line of problems, is the constant duplicate entries. There are many times where the calendar will show up with duplicate entries even though they have been deleted. For a program that should be able to automatically delete in real time, there is more time spent having to manually delete things ourselves.

Then the program itself just changes the settings that we leave programmed without any notification that it is done. This creates more issues as then there will be whole entries missing that we have to, once again, manually correct on the supposed real time running program.

The worst of all though has been the complete absence of entries appearing on the calendar. The program itself will fail to sync with Google even when the calendar itself has no issues. It has now happened on more than one occasion and nearly caused issues in my line of work.

The program itself needs a complete overhaul, otherwise, our team will just need to find a new third party software for our calendars.
Technical Support - Sep 20, 2023
Tech Support Sucks | By Brian W
When you call, they say if the hold extends to more than 5 minutes to leave a message and they will get back with you. The first time after less than 3 minutes it asked me to leave a message. I did and they sent instructions that did not work. Every call after that was the same, after less than three minutes they want you to leave a message.

Please accept our apology - when we called you back you did not answer and that is why we sent an email. Happy to hear we connected later and resolved your issue within a couple hours.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Mar 26, 2023
Waste of money | By Trish C
This product is a complete waste of money. It continually duplicates appointments and the dedupe function does not work. You have to waste an awful lot of your own time having to delete duplicates on a continual basis. Don't waste your money.
DejaCloud - Dec 22, 2021
Not worth the trouble. | By Sandra Christie
I've been using this software for a few years and it has been problematic from day one. Tech support tried to help last year and said the problem was fixed but it still wasn't resolved. I've resorted to manually weekly updating my tablet, phone and Outlook. What I want a piece of software to do is keep my contacts and calendar on my android devices in sync both ways in real time. Like iTunes does for apple. As is I have to manually get involved and either click re-read either deja cloud or Outlook and then manually sync my computer and and manually sync my phone and then manually sync the android calendar. Recently an appointment that was scheduled for 5:00 in Outlook, was changed to 1:00 on my phone and when I synced it changed it back to 5:00.

What a mess. I give up. Manually is just easier. Or I'll jut move everything to Google Workspace.

And the interface for this software just feels really old and dated. That makes me think the code is as well. Possibly why it doesn't work so well.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 9, 2021
I gave up using it! | By Tom R.
It messed up both contact databases in Outlook 2019 and my android phone! After about 2 weeks I've had to resort to manually updating both separately. Way too much mixing up of information! I have only 276 contacts.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jul 22, 2021
Problems | By Tony C
I cannot believe that i have been using this product for several years now and it always gives me problems. I pay for upgrades and it still gives me problems.. I find the product so unreliable and would love it if Microsoft provided an easy solution rather than have to deal with third parties that provide limited support with the base product purchase price.

We are sorry to hear of your experience with WI-Fi Sync. We recommend Dejacloud Sync. I see you have a ticket open. Our techs will call to help you configure your phone that will make the sync dependable
CompanionLink for - Mar 3, 2021
Purchase another product nto the API chang | By Eugene R
What is this???
I don't think this should be user issue to pay again.
Reply: Thank you for your review. Since your purchase in May 2010 the following software has been released: Windows 8, Outlook 2013, Google OAuth, Outlook 2016, Google Calendar v3 API, Windows 10, Google People API, Outlook 2019, and Office 365 now renamed Microsoft 365. We have spent more than $2 million in engineering costs to support these new platforms. This is available to you for an upgrade price of $29.95 any time you need it.
Technical Support - Jul 10, 2019
Worst in customer relations | By carol w
I have dealt with a number of tech companies over the years and CompanionLink has by far, the rudest tech support in the industry. Pay attention management - client relationships can make or break a company -
CompanionLink for Outlook - Apr 2, 2018
Buggy app, poor support | By CE C
Buggy app with multiple problems and glitches at every update - sync frequently doesn't work or leads to loss of records. Tech Support responds to emails within 1-2 business days, however the suggested solutions are rarely helpful. This time they asked me to schedule a phone call, but never bothered to call at the scheduled time.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 5, 2017
Have to disagree | By Andrew D
So - the software works - sometimes. Support is completely inadequate. I have had multiple issues with Companionlink Express (doing Outlook to Google) either crashing, not starting properly, or un-licensing itself.

Last year I reported that every time Windows was updating (member of the Windows Insider program) it was un-licensing itself. Support ran me around and around, trying things I had already tried, and the basically talk me I was either an idiot or incompetent.

Then, when build 7044 was released on of the items in the Release Notes was, "Fixed an issue where sometimes CompanionLink would un-register after a Windows Update." Did support ever tell me the issue was fixed? NO. Did anyone ever say, "thanks for reporting an issue no one else was finding?" NO.

When I was a Product Manager (or their boss) I would have been livid if a customer had been treated like this and would have done something. I sent both support and sales an email when they tried to get me to "upgrade" explaining my dissatisfaction. Response - silence...

And, the "upgrades" that require a re-purchase with a small discount are really just ways to collecting more money - there aren't any new features, just bug fixes and updates to support the underlying tools. In MY world updates are worth 20% to 30% of the license price, not 80% to 90%...