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Technical Support - Jun 12, 2017
Premium Support | By Rane R.
Purchased your support program today. Great Experience, Thanks!
CompanionLink Express - Jun 6, 2017
Life saver (Palm: 15+ yrs of legacy data) | By Michael L
I've got over 15 years of data (contacts, calendar notes, tasks & memos) on my Palm Desktop and CLink ports it over without a problem to my Samsung S7 (running nougat).

While my data & Palm desktop app has continued to run (and now runs on my Win10-Thinkpad Carbon), my phone continues to change every couple years. CLink has been the go to solution allowing for the continued mobile platform migration without having to migrate my data or note-taking processes.

Sure, I could export/migrate my Palm desktop database into a more current system (or cloud based app)... but with sensitive client notes in my calendar, I prefer to keep all data local on my SSD vs in the cloud or in a system that is normally targeted for hack-attacks (eg. Outlook).

Their android DeJa Office app is great and reflects about 98% of what you see in Palm Desktop (the only fields I haven't seen mapping from the desktop to the office app like the "Custom" tab/fields in Contacts- but this is a minor item... do a test entry to see what does/does not carry over)

In short... I'm staying with CLink and when/if I do port to another database in the future, will continue to use CLink to manage all this!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 5, 2017
Have to disagree | By Andrew D
So - the software works - sometimes. Support is completely inadequate. I have had multiple issues with Companionlink Express (doing Outlook to Google) either crashing, not starting properly, or un-licensing itself.

Last year I reported that every time Windows was updating (member of the Windows Insider program) it was un-licensing itself. Support ran me around and around, trying things I had already tried, and the basically talk me I was either an idiot or incompetent.

Then, when build 7044 was released on of the items in the Release Notes was, "Fixed an issue where sometimes CompanionLink would un-register after a Windows Update." Did support ever tell me the issue was fixed? NO. Did anyone ever say, "thanks for reporting an issue no one else was finding?" NO.

When I was a Product Manager (or their boss) I would have been livid if a customer had been treated like this and would have done something. I sent both support and sales an email when they tried to get me to "upgrade" explaining my dissatisfaction. Response - silence...

And, the "upgrades" that require a re-purchase with a small discount are really just ways to collecting more money - there aren't any new features, just bug fixes and updates to support the underlying tools. In MY world updates are worth 20% to 30% of the license price, not 80% to 90%...
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jun 1, 2017
Thomas was very helpful | By Suzanne S
Appreciate your expertise
CompanionLink for - May 24, 2017
Excellent & KnowledgableSupport/ | By Sherry K
I have been using Deja Office for several years now and even though my computers tend to crash every couple of years, I know I can count on Companion link to bring me back up and running. Thomas just helped me reinstall and sync to all my computers/smart phone. What a pleasure! I think all the software application support groups should take lessons!

Aside from that - the DEJA Office concept is a game saver.
I love how outlook's email and contacts work - and to be able to download into it (from my gmail accounts) and sync everything together to my phone is nothing short of BRILLIANT.

Thank you!!!
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 20, 2017
Very patient help from Jayce | By Fred S
I was having syncing problems with my iPhone6. Jayce was very patient to help me through some things that needed to be corrected. He knew his business and was very encouraging throughout the process. It's a pleasure to do business with your company.
CompanionLink for - May 16, 2017
Great support | By Tina F.
After installing Companionlink 7 and running a sync my google calendar events got deleted, Thomas was so very helpful in getting the events restored. He was quick, precise and patient with all of my questions.
DejaOffice (Android) - May 11, 2017
Expecting the worse but received the best! | By DJ
I had a few bugs in my initial Deja Office for Android setup. I called in for tech support and received exceptional help from Thomas M. He stayed with me through the process following up with periodic emails. App is working as advertised!
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 6, 2017
Repair of my Outlook Contacts | By Martin H.
great support! Use Office 365 but does not have nearly the functionality of Companion link. Also it often crashes and loses data. Companionlink and deja office so much better.
CompanionLink for Outlook - May 5, 2017
Repair of Outlook Contact Notes on my Samsung | By Jax
On 5/4, made an appointment for Support to contact me at 10AM and mistakenly called in at 9:30AM.
Kevin called me back at 10:30AM and resolved the scrambled notes in the Samsung S8 contacts quickly by uploading a software update.
Review of my 5 contact examples revealed the software update resolved the CL software well.
Thanks for your patience.