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CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 19, 2022
great support from Tiffany | By Vahe E.
Tiffany helped me resolve several issues with CompanionLink for outlook. She was persistent and owned the problems. She took time to addresses and answer all of my issues and questions. Great job.
CompanionLink Express - Jan 11, 2022
Companion Link Install and Set up | By Harvey T
I needed to have my laptop repaired which forced me to have it wiped clean and then restored.
I am not a computer person and rely on Technical support people to walk me through the process. Tiffany D was wonderful. Patient with a person like me who is not computer technical AT ALL!!
We walked thorough each step and got the Software program up and running again.
What great service, Thanks Tiffany
CompanionLink for Outlook - Jan 6, 2022
Stellar Support!!! | By Martin W
Your tech support team, specifically Tiffany, very patiently and quickly corrected the issues I was having not being able to sync my phone and computer. Many thanks for being THE "safety net" for all who depend on your essential software.
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Dec 30, 2021
Delighted with support | By Syd R
I'm a long time user of ACT but resent being coerced into a subscription agreement. I've used Deja Office for many years to send data to my phone and always have had excellent service so it was easy to decide to change from ACT to your product. I had some initial migration issues when I changed over but have had excellent assistance - prompt, courteous and obliging and am now up and running, and smiling. Well done and Thank you
DejaCloud - Dec 23, 2021
Support | By Ron Coffman
Superior support. Especially Tiffinay D. She stayed with the problem until it was solved and I understood the parameters of operation. This software really works.

I highly recommend you install this on your devices and enjoy the security and enjoy having your data current on all devices.
DejaCloud - Dec 22, 2021
Not worth the trouble. | By Sandra Christie
I've been using this software for a few years and it has been problematic from day one. Tech support tried to help last year and said the problem was fixed but it still wasn't resolved. I've resorted to manually weekly updating my tablet, phone and Outlook. What I want a piece of software to do is keep my contacts and calendar on my android devices in sync both ways in real time. Like iTunes does for apple. As is I have to manually get involved and either click re-read either deja cloud or Outlook and then manually sync my computer and and manually sync my phone and then manually sync the android calendar. Recently an appointment that was scheduled for 5:00 in Outlook, was changed to 1:00 on my phone and when I synced it changed it back to 5:00.

What a mess. I give up. Manually is just easier. Or I'll jut move everything to Google Workspace.

And the interface for this software just feels really old and dated. That makes me think the code is as well. Possibly why it doesn't work so well.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 9, 2021
AS Always, great and complete service | By David J
I couldn't live without them!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Dec 6, 2021
Awesome - AGAIN | By Lee M
Transferred to a new laptop and Outlook had some confusion with the transfer. Tom WAS AWESOME!! My 2nd interaction with Tech Support @ CompanionLink and they are the best!!
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Nov 25, 2021
Billiant support! | By Gordon F
A big thank you to Conley for his help in resolving a problem I had with a template issue. And an extra big thank you to the developer guys who created a tweak so quickly to overcome the problem. Terrific service and support!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 19, 2021
Michael is AWESOME!!! | By Nick G
Thank you so much to Michael as he was willing to fix my syncing issues across all 3 of my devices. He cleaned everything up and it works great now! He also said he will follow up with me next week just to make sure all continues to work like it should! Plus, he did all of this, staying after hours on a Friday! You just can't get GREAT support like this anymore but I got it today from Michael and CompanionLink! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!