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CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 26, 2020
Michael is a Champ! | By Chuck S
I had a very positive experience working with Michael this morning. Had some syncing issues and he just managed the process to give me the result I wanted. To have a problem free system in place. Some of the problems were on my end, but Michael just made it happen. He was patient, asked good questions and I never felt rushed. He made sure that everything was working to my satisfaction.
DejaDesktop for Mac - Oct 24, 2020
TY 4 the Holidays | By M M
Thank you for the holiday symbols. very nice.
DejaOffice (Android) - Oct 23, 2020
Mike and Nathan | By Richard Diller
Both these techs are absolute stars. I had all sorts of issues on my computer with Outlook that spilled over to creating issues with Companion Link. They corrected everything and it works like a charm.

Thanks Again and Highly Recommend!
DejaOffice (Android) - Oct 22, 2020
Thomas M is great! | By Alice M
Thomas was terrific over two extended sessions of more than an hour each, trying numerous ways of restoring lost calendar data going back 15 years. He was proactive in organising a suitable times to call in my time zone (Australia) and just took the time it needed to sort out the problem, with friendly and interesting chat while we waited for processes to complete. He is a star!!!
DejaOffice (Android) - Oct 22, 2020
Great product | By thom o
Love the product.
Have used for over 5 years.
Great technical support.
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Oct 14, 2020
Thomas M. "give him a raise" | By Brian K.
Thomas is quick, knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. I had questions and Thomas had the answers to all but one and he was going to get clarity on that item and get back with me.
I wasn't, but now I am seriously considering moving to the PC CRM cloud because of the comparisons Thomas offered. I'm going to take advantage of the trial offers and make my decision.

Thank you Thomas M.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 13, 2020
Conley is amazing | By Jeffery Stein
What great fast support. Conely in less than 15 seconds found the wrong setting and fixed it.
DejaCloud - Oct 13, 2020
Excellent sync between palm and Android | By Gilliane S
Palm Desktop is a calendar/organiser that's been around for a long time - but I still find it better than anything else. However, without Companionlink and Dejacloud, I wouldn't be able to keep my Palm in sync with my Android phone. Not only is it the only way I've found to do this, it's hard to imagine how it could be improved.
CompanionLink Professional - Oct 12, 2020
Sync problem solved with more. | By Richard D
After having solved the sync problem on my own, Renee discussed the CompanionLink CRM and answered all my questions both on the phone and with a follow-up email which included download links. Her discussion was very helpful in all regards.
CompanionLink for Google - Oct 8, 2020
Consistently updated great software & support | By Jeremy E
I have been a Companionlink customer for many years.. I use it to synch between my PC outlook and my various other devices using Google as the cloud tool. The software is consistently updated regularly, it works very effectively, and the best part is-- the support team are really knowledgeable people who are available via email and phone and are really invested in helping fix or explain any issue. The support team is not in some far-off country, they really work for Companionlink and are invested in the company's success through great customer service and support. This is one of the best software companies I have ever worked with.