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CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 3, 2022
Tiffany | By Dexter P
I was having problems with setting up CL. Tiffany emailed and called and finally remoted in and fixed my problem!!
DejaOffice PC CRM for Google - Sep 24, 2022
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CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 14, 2022
Super product, super customer support | By Steve R
By now, I'd probably have driven a truck over my iPhone if I hadn't found CompanionLink and DejaCloud. Synching Outlook using iTunes or other Apple EvenMoreOpaqueMethod duJour was incredibly frustrating. The CompanionLink add-in for Windows Outlook reduces all that to a simple: Click ADDINS | Synch and wait a few seconds. Start the companion software on the iPhone, tap Synch. Done. Two-way synch works nicely as well. And on the very rare occasions I've had questions (rare as in maybe three times in twice as many years?) there's always been a helpful, patient and intelligent person at the other end of the phone line, connected in minutes. THIS is a model of what a good software company is. If only the others were half so good.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 13, 2022
Consistently OUTSTANDING Customer Service | By Ann G.
Nathan of this outstanding customer service team helped me with an issue regarding a setting I did not find (I forgot to check the Cloud settings), and I am ever grateful for his assistance, as always. The CompanionLink reps go the extra mile and without a problem. I love DejaOffice's functionality, which keeps me connected and on schedule, and the customer service provided is unparalleled. Thank you!
DejaOffice (Android) - Aug 17, 2022
Rewnewed App for Sync to Act Software | By Ed F
Tiffany D was my Support Tech I worked with;
Very Patient with my limited knowledge of todays Tech World. I am 74 and Still running my own business. So I have seen many changes in Software over the years and at my age it is somewhat confusing keeping up.
However I cant say enough about Tiffany's patience and explantation made my life much easier. Sincere Thanks, Ed Field
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Aug 15, 2022
Works for me | By JM O'C
I was hunting rabbits with a very expensive elephant gun. ACT! was overkill for what I, a sole proprietor, needed. Thanks to Wayland and his team. DejaOffice PC CRM Express is what I needed.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 11, 2022
Customer Support Excellent | By John S
Recently purchased a new PC and continued use of my Android phone. Unable to have calendar entries to show up on my phone despite several attempts. Called CompanionLink and was blown away with the competent support from Trevor. He successfully reinstalled CompanionLink on my PC and now phone calendar is synched.
Technical Support - Aug 2, 2022
Great Customer Support! | By Dave O.
It's rare to receive customer support by email that is fast, professional and accurate as I got from Tiffany D. Tiffany responded to my email request for support within an hour! In that time she analyzed and diagnosed the issue I was having with my CompanionLink registration. She offered to fix the issue right away and within 7 minutes of giving her the OK to proceed with the fix, she resolved the problem! Thank you Tiffany D. and CompanionLink for outstanding customer support!
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Jul 29, 2022
WOWWW!!! Blows Act away. | By Jason K.
This powerful CRM saved me from "the clutches of Act", who had me backed into a corner with an over-priced SAAS offering ONLY, which did not even suit my needs..

I discovered DejaOffice (with CompanionLink) in CRM reviews on-line and have been using the combo for a few months now. Not only does it do the job - it has productivity-enhancing capabilities that Act does not even have. Highly recommended - especially if you are a small business (less than 25 users); AWESOME support team too (Thanks Michael, Thomas, Tiffany! - real people who look after their customers very well :)))!
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Jul 27, 2022
Syncing DejaOffice to Palm Desktop by Access | By Bill L
I used Palm's Pilot & Desktop in the last century, switching to Palm Desktop by Access and CL's DejaOffice and CL when I discovered them about a dozen years ago.

Recently I acquired a new computer, but found it difficult to get the Palm Desktop by Access on my new computer to sync with CL's DejaOffice. Tiffany at CL's support helped my to finally get the sync going this morning. I
really, really, really (that's 3 really s) help and patience on a long phone session.

Again thank you Tiffany. And thank you CL for the superb technical support.