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CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 6, 2021
It just works! | By Craig W
It is a great product too. I started syncing stuff way back when Nokia flip phones were king, with a cable to a Nokia database. I think I started using your product with a cable too? Then came the cloud. I have changed multiple phones and lap tops and use a desk top as well and, it works.
Technical Support - Nov 2, 2021
Thanks to Tiffany D ( support team) | By Marc Chalifour
Bonjour / HI!

I'm very pleased that Tiffany D. got my email support request !

She has been very quick to answer every emails that I sent to her!

Please say to Tiffany that she's doing a great job !


CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 2, 2021
Great support from Michael | By Jim H.
Michael spent over an hour with me solving two tricky sync problems. He is not only knowledgeable but also very clear in his communication. PLEASE keep up the good work and resist the temptation to send your support off-shore.

Every time I have called I have received EXCELLENT technical support. That is one of the main topics of discussion when I recommend DejaOffice to others.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 1, 2021
Tiffany D, was exceptional! | By Wayne R.
Tiffany D, gets 5-stars for outstanding care and support who patiently walked me through getting my contacts properly sync'd. THANK YOU!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Nov 1, 2021
Saved My Work! | By William P.
In contacting Michael, I could not have asked for a more caring and compassionate individual to work through my problems and provide a solution. He listened to my problem, asked relevant questions and quickly solved my issues. A GREAT product is nothing without GREAT SUPPORT and Michael provided that in abundance. THANK YOU!

A User For Life!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 30, 2021
Outstanding Product and Support | By George Gionis
If you in business and want to be on top of things this is one way of doing it. I've been using Dejaoffice for almost 15 years if my memory serves me right. Excellent App, outstanding service and support. I recommend to anyone and everyone to use your product. Thank you so much for a great product and what it does for me. Keep up the excellent work.
God Bless.
DejaOffice (iPhone/iPad) - Oct 29, 2021
Michael K. | By Scott O'Gara
Michael is the best. He has it all.
Knowledgable, personable, PATIENT. Through.
Could not ask for a better experience!!!
DejaOffice PC CRM Express - Oct 28, 2021
Outstanding: Great Products and Support! | By Bruce W.
Having moved away from my prior CRM after using it for decades, I am thrilled with the alternatives and also excellent support I get with their PC CRM Express and DejaOffice apps. As a business owner, these apps work great for my contact and calendar/scheduling needs. Keep it up!!!
DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone - Oct 15, 2021
Fantastic upgrade | By Curt B
I've been using Palm Desktop on my PC and DejaOffice on my android phone for many years with great success. It worked so well I've been hesitant to mess with it by trying anything new, but recently I downloaded a 10 day trial of DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone. I'm so glad I did because CRM still has all the features Palm Desktop had and many new features, plus it's much easier to use. Syncing with my phone, sharing the database with multiple PC's, one click to bring an address up on google maps, display and sorting options are all improved or new features I like. I had a few questions and the customer service was outstanding. I'm happy as a clam! I highly recommend this product.
CompanionLink Express - Oct 13, 2021
Customer Support is 1st Class | By William S
I felt the need to write a review for this product. I have been a client for Companion Link for many years. On rare occasion I would contact Customer Service and usually it was something that I did not do right. Recently I experienced an issue with calendar data not being visible after the calendar date of the event on my Android phone which was bothersome since I needed that information available. I contacted Customer Service and Conley reached out to assist me. and I cannot say how efficient and pleasant it was to work with professionals!! While it was a very unusual issue the Customer Support Team did not rest until they had resolved the issue completely. I wish I could provide a higher review than only 5 stars because it is deserved. I will stay with this software because it just works right and the support is unbelievable!!!