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DejaOffice (Android) - Oct 7, 2020
Great support | By Gerry Pollack
While transferring my DejaOffice data from my old Galaxy Note 3 to my new Galaxy Note 20, I ran into a problem. No matter what I did, the data would not appear on my new phone. Conley was able to quickly able to diagnose and fix the problem. Kudos to him!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 6, 2020
DejaOffice App Issue Fixed on Kindle Fire | By Deborah S.
For probably a decade, I've been using CompanionLink for Outlook on my PC and DejaOffice on my Kindle Fire with both devices sync'd to DejaCloud. I rarely have issues but when I do, I know from experience the CompanionLink support team is awesome. This time DejaOffice stopped working on my Kindle Fire. Conley H. helped guide me through the process of getting the DejaOffice app working again on my Fire device. His patience and support today confirmed my continued trust and appreciation for CompanionLink. Thank you!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 6, 2020
Renee was great | By Chris A
I had a sync issue that wasn't fixed with the FAQ info. Renee was patient, knowledgeable and got me unstuck and back on track with my Android syncing. You can tell when you get a great tech and when you don't, she is beyond great. Thanks Renee!
CompanionLink Professional - Oct 2, 2020
Good Renee, bad ACT! | By Robert B
Companionlink is solid, ACT on the other hand well .... it is a love-hate thing. I use CL to bring calendar and contacts to Google. Then I go from Google to iPhone. The best method I have found.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 1, 2020
Sync issue | By Jack B
Renee handled my problem with syncing between Deja office and Companion Link. A special thanks to her for her professionalism and product knowledge. She was able to walk me thru the issue in just a few minutes.
Thanks Renee!! Your the best.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Sep 30, 2020
Great Product and Excellent Support | By Blanca M Gaona
I have used this product for many years, once in a while, I run into minor problems and have to contact Support. Renee C. has helped me out and has walked me through the steps to reach a solution. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and super-efficient. I highly recommend the product but mostly great Support.
Technical Support - Sep 28, 2020
Thisd is how tech support is done! | By Steven M.
Free phone support, call answered in under 2 minutes, great diagnosis and explanation by Renee, all works now. I have been a DejaOffice customer for about 18 years, first time I ever needed assistance. Renee was fast, knowledgeable, and we got it fixed quickly. You cannot ask for anything better than that. Thanks, Renee!!!!!
DejaCloud - Sep 25, 2020
A very very long time user | By Alan K.
I have been using DejaOffice for many years. I think had a Palm Pilot. This was back in the '80s. And before that, I had a PDA(Personal Digital Assistant
). I loved this app from the start. They kept improving and adding features. You can't find a better app than DejaOffice. I have Android and Win7 synced to their cloud. My thanks to Renee, she is a keeper.
DejaOffice (Android) - Sep 24, 2020
trouble with synch | By Annmarie N
Conley helped me downloading the beta version as I had an older Samsung android. He called me back the next day and was able to solve my issues.
Thank you so much
DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook - Sep 23, 2020
Best of the Best | By Wagner Navac
I used others apps, but Dejavu is the best. The customer support is excellent and I would like to thank Thomas M. for the best service ever. Super thanks