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CompanionLink for Outlook - Oct 2, 2018
Companionlink for outlook | By David R
It could have been a disaster! When I re-installed an outlook program, my address book and e mail files disappeared. But companionlink to the rescue! The tech was very calming and knew exactly what to do. Disaster averted, companionlink saved the day. What a great investment that keeps getting better. Recommend without reservations.
DejaCloud - Oct 1, 2018
A Little Marketing Praise | By Patrick D.
Although there is an extra cost to your software, it is easier than enabling a
web server to provide the content via a web site. You know how easy it is to
read tiny text on a small phone. LOL.

Your software makes it a cleaner process and at the same time removes the need
for complicating the server room.
DejaCloud - Sep 20, 2018
Thank you! | By Adrian D
Great Service
DejaCloud - Sep 17, 2018
5 year CL user | By tim j
Deja Cloud has saved my life more than once, first because my contact data base was saved when my laptop and all backups were stollen. Second, because it allows outlook to synch with my schedule on my Samsung android. Can't recommend the product highly enough. Went to CL years ago when Samsung discontinued synching of outlook with schedules, and I've never looked back. They are small enough to listen, and large enough to handle cloud synching needs.
DejaCloud - Sep 17, 2018
These are the "Sync" go to guys | By Steve G
For years, I have used CompanionLink. But now, owning a smart home and utilizing Alexa and Google, they really shine and excel. They know their stuff! And a very reasonable price, and the support is better than any, ever! I use Android, Alexa, Google Home, Google everything and Outlook and now like magic, everything sync so beautifully! I love these guys/gals and their software!!!! I'd give them 10 stars if I could!!!!
CompanionLink for Google - Sep 13, 2018
LOVE this sync tool | By Curt S.
Tried to use GSSMO. Couldn't get it to work. In other environments where it did work, it would fail to sync and eventually had to be completely restarted. And it only supported calendar syncing. And created it's own Outlook profile. And didn't have many settings.

I've been using CompanionLink's Outlook-Google sync (to G Suite) for two days and I LOVE it. Have already recommended it to a friend, and will be installing it on two more PCs in our environment.

I love the flexibility in the settings. I had some initial dups (which I could have avoided had I set up the settings correctly before kicking it off to run--duh). But it works great. Low overhead. Runs quick once the initial run is finished--which was like 15 minutes.

Have not used support yet. Haven't had to. I was in no way asked for or paid for this testimonial. I'm a fan. This will help several of us use the G Suite calendar or the iPhone calendar app to easily see when our team is available for group will keep contacts in sync. (I have over 1,000 contacts, and thousands of calendar entries.)
Technical Support - Aug 27, 2018
Commitment to support | By Joslyn B
My complements to Matt and the support team for helping me through a frustration sync issue.
CompanionLink Express - Aug 23, 2018
Express | By Alan
I am as happy as I was when I first started using companion link, good product, thank you
DejaCloud - Aug 7, 2018
iphone sync | By Steve W
This product is very useful and convenient. As an outside sales person, I have everything that I need on a daily basis in my phone before I get into my car.

I even copy some important information into my calendar from customer's email into the notes section of my appointment. Prior to the meeting, I can review the information and appear to be "on top" of my game. Thanks!
DejaOffice (Android) - Jul 24, 2018
I've used this ap for years | By Wyatt C
The synch is pretty much flawless. I had to learn a VERY little about the options to get it to act like Franklin Covey. If you use that system of planning your day you have to get this ap.