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CompanionLink for Google - Feb 25, 2016
Wow, Great support | By Mike
I am very impressed with the support I just got over the last couple days. Not only did an engineer (named Thomas) call me back, but he identified a bug, notified the developers, got a new version of the Android DejaOffice app released, and then walked me through restoring all my lost contacts. He was very responsive over email, and called me back quickly as well to make sure I was all good. Just fantastic! Thanks Thomas, and thanks CompanionLink. I wish all my customer support calls went like this with other companies.
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 25, 2016
Resolution by Michael King | By Harry S.
I'm trying again, as I did not select a star rating on my 1st attempt, and I'm not sure if you received my review. Michael King worked with me on the phone, and determined that my USB direct was not being recognized. He then worked with my WiFi and it did work. He then determined that my Outlook calendar was too old, so he updated it and suddenly everything synced like it used to. With the new W10 PC and the new Nexus 5X phone. Michael King is a true professional and a credit to your organization. I continue to be a grateful and happy CompanionLink customer.
CompanionLink Express - Feb 24, 2016
CLX 7.0 Upgrade with Michael King | By Stephen W

ACT 6.0 (2004) sync with Google, then to Android.

Was having problems syncing with CLX 6.0. Michael suggested CLX 7.0. Downloaded 7.0 which fixed my problem...He stayed with me the whole time during upgrade to make sure the 7.0 solved the problem and that I got it installed correctly. Very knowledgeable and profesional. He as also very pleasant. CL treats their customers fairly!
CompanionLink for Outlook - Feb 24, 2016
Through thick and thin, Michael fixed it! | By Gary S.
Through thick and thin (mostly thick!) Michael King persisted and we've solved ("knock on three types of wood" as he says) the longstanding problems of Outlook duplicating to "four-plicating" events (if that sounds nasty, it was!) well as irritating multiple side issues like alarms in Deja. Now that doesn't diminish the developer's work but I can well imagine that his persistence (and the logs I provided) helped in that development. Yay team and super-yay Michael!
CompanionLink for Google - Feb 24, 2016
Outstanding Support by Michael K! | By Doug C
It is refreshing to have this kind of customer service. 1st world product supported US based 1st world support! Deep knowledge about CL product and able to fix my sync issues. Provided helpful pointers too. Michael stated he has been w/CL for 4 years- also refreshing.
CompanionLink Professional - Feb 17, 2016
Great service by Michael | By Helen B
I have used CL Pro for many years and you continue to provide excellent professional technical assistance. A bug-a-boo with ACT 18 required an upgrade to CL7 that is lightening fast to sync. Michael was able to find the correct mapping to eliminate a hidden address field and fixed the dilemma. Many thanks for his pleasant, knowledgeable and proficiency. It is a pleasure to work with this group.
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 11, 2016
Great | By John C.
Been using it for years
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 10, 2016
Gets,the job done effectively and accurately | By Thomas L.
Gets,the job done effectively and accurately
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 9, 2016
Great App Great Support | By Sandy Oates
Great App Great Support
DejaOffice (Android) - Feb 9, 2016
- By John B.
For me, this is an effective, incomparable and indispensable app. So glad I discovered it. Well worth the money.