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DejaDesktop for Windows - Aug 28, 2017
Great Program...dont need Outlook open | By Alan M.
Easy download and install. Minimal set up needed. No more keeping Outlook open, then minimizing and maximizing to check the calendar.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 23, 2017
Extremely satisfied customer | By Greg Griffin
I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy using the CompanionLink software as it always performs exactly how it is designed to perform.

Additionally, the support staff at CompanionLink are always so very customer-focused, friendly and professional.

I would never hesitate to recommend CompanionLink software to any of my friends and work colleagues.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 19, 2017
Syncing stopped working | By Shirley H
Kevin S. did a great job in assisting me with my problem. Kevin responded to my email request in minutes and my problem was fixed in 5 minutes. Thanks Kevin.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 18, 2017
Jayce B. pick up the phone to call me | By David F
I think the companion Link product is terrific for connecting my mobile phone to Outlook. However when I first reported a problem I had with automatic synchronization all I received back from the company was individually useless pieces of information that I'd already taken care of. The system of been working fine until this situation occurred.

It wasn't until Jayce responded to my plea for a personal phone call that I received the kind of help that I really needed. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. We were able to solve the problem in a 10 minute phone call rather than me wasting almost a week with useless back and forth emails that did not respect the fact that I might be computer literate and familiar with the product. I would appreciate if management would knows his record for his excellent service. Thank you
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 17, 2017
Miossing contacts | By Rick W.
Call back from Thomas with Companionlink. He kindly, professionally and clearly spent over an hour working through my multiple systems to clear up a missing contacts problem. Great company, great service.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 16, 2017
What Superlative Customer Service | By Rick
Running Outlook 2007.Needed a synching software to sync my Android calendar to Outlook's calendar.Paid £40 to a US company beginning with 4T.Guess what? A year later they say what I bought was only valid for a year and wanted another $40!!No need to guess what I told them to do with their software!!

As a previous CompanionLink customer from 2013, they sent me a link.

Through the superlative Danielle at CL,with back-and-forth exchanges, I purchased CLO for Outlook.Sync'ing my Android could not have been easier.Value for money product.

Thank you, Danielle and CL.
CompanionLink Express - Aug 14, 2017
Loyal to Excellence - Products & Support | By Deborah
I've been using CompanionLink Products since 2011 and I've rarely had problems with either DejaOffice or DejaCloud. And, the problem is usually due to an update of some sort, i.e., Windows for PC. Whenever I do experience a problem, the Customer/Technical Support has been excellent. I really like having DejaOffice sync through DejaCloud for my devices: PC, Kindle Fire, and laptop.
CompanionLink for PalmDesktop - Aug 13, 2017
I am so impressed. | By MC
How could I ever find anything better? I went back to my original CompanionLink license and it is working perfectly. I might eventually upgrade just to stay current but I don't need or use any of the new features. Thanks for making such a great product. And an extra thank you for such awesome customer service.
CompanionLink for Outlook - Aug 10, 2017
Thomas is TERRIFIC!!! | By Sharon J
Thomas is the FIRST and ONLY person that has FINALLY fixed our issues with our Outlook problems. He is fabulous and we are so very thankful for his expertise, professionalism and kindness! He deserves HUGE KUDOS - at least!
DejaCloud - Aug 10, 2017
DejaCloud review | By Harry S
I recently upgraded my CompanionLink software and started using DejaCloud.
I am synchronizing between two computers, as well as an iPhone and an iPad.
DejaCloud is very fast and accurate. All my data in one device updates the others quickly and easily. This is an excellent new way of keeping multiple devices updated.
Also, I like that my data is backed up in the cloud,which gives me important security.
Good job CompanionLink.